Execution of more than 50 prominent projects in the last ten years.

Nearly half a century of experience.

No incomplete projects.

About Vima

Wherever quality of life lies.

Vima was founded in 1974. Throughout the years, Vima has developed its macro policy based on the development of new construction methods, prefabrication, industrialization, and the use of new materials and technologies in conjunction with the development of the construction industry and its global transformations.

To improve the services that can be provided and develop the application of new technologies in the construction industry, Vima has obtained the certificate of rank 1 of contracting qualifications from the Management and Planning Organization of the country, the 30th rank from the National Ranking Center of Iran, a contractor safety certification from the Department of Labor and Social Affairs, joined the APEC Association of petroleum Industry, Engineering And Construction Companies, and other trade unions and specialized institutions.

Today, Vima operates as a leading company in the industry by providing innovative integrated solutions from start to finish and EPC in executing rapid construction projects, using environmentally friendly and new construction methods.

Vima’s services and products include; prefabricated and fast construction buildings, grounds construction, infrastructure facilities, pre-equipment, construction of residential and office camps, repair shops, stadiums, amphitheater halls, and other necessities and solutions needed to start big scale projects. In the last ten years, the company has executed and delivered about 50 projects in office and residential camps, construction of industrial buildings, and equipping work sites for big-scale construction projects, both domestically and abroad. The quality of the execution of these projects has enhanced the image of large contractors among their employers. Carrying out projects to equip the sites of big scale construction projects and providing a pleasant environment for the employees located on each site has caused the timely, powerful, and professional start of the projects of the employers of the company.

As the main contractor in various fields such as oil and gas, urban planning, and national projects, Vima has achieved substantial capabilities in executing civil and big scale construction projects.

One of Vima’s main strategies is special attention to its workforce, product quality, financial discipline, and advanced information systems, both step by step and in line with new and up to the minute technologies.

Vima’s main goals and grand visions include; understanding and meeting customers’ needs, managing the company’s growth and development according to the needs of employees, environmental protection, innovation, beauty, coordinating to improve human life, respect for human beings, and raising national standards. And to reach those goals and visions has always been the main focus of Vima’s management and staff.

In recent years, Vima has entered and worked in new markets by establishing partnerships with leading companies in various industries and areas such as oil and gas with the cooperation of Jervand Company (ranked first in oil and gas by the Planning and Budget Organization) and the Dima Pushesh Saze group in the field of prefabricated, industrial and residential facades. Projects associated with the partnerships include the construction of crude oil storage tanks with floating roofs at the port of Jask and the design, preparation, and construction of Tajikistan’s Tajik Grand Mosque located in Dushanbe.

To develop and complete the chain of application of new construction technologies, Vima has focused its activities on three main areas:

1- Industry:

Vima factory is located on a 25 hectare land in Shahriar, ​​Tehran. The factory’s infrastructure has allowed for prefabrication of buildings and products, reducing time and cost and improving the quality of its products. Prefabricated building production lines have made Vima a leader in quality, speed, and service delivery in the construction industry.

2- Contracting:

Execution of dozens of civil and construction projects delivered quickly in recent years and with excellent quality results from Vima’s contracting activities. Most of these projects have been completed and delivered in less than the contracted time and with employers’ complete satisfaction. Vima has no unfinished or abandoned projects in its contracting records. The use of new technologies in materials and design methods and rapid implementation of projects has made Vima one of the leaders in civil, construction, and construction camp activities.

3- Business:

Vima has established a business unit to complete the supply chain and use new materials and construction methods. The company’s commercial division works in the field of representing and transferring the technology of the top manufacturers of construction products and importing materials based on new technologies.

Message from The Board Of Directors

Vima factory was founded in 1974 with the aim of producing construction products. Vima has been implementing practical steps to utilize new technologies and localize them for over two decades. Vima’s development plans include speed ​​and ease of construction and installation, beauty, adaptability to customer needs, cost reduction, and finally, compliance with all engineering principles in using new technologies, increasing prefabrication, lightweight construction, quality, reducing waste, and recycling.

Vima strives to maximize the efficiency of the resources used in the projects and create more welfare and a more pleasant environment for human beings by consuming fewer resources in all areas of its construction.

The company believes that all projects and resources used in their area are ultimately national resources and are considered a part of the country’s wealth. Therefore to protect them is among its values.

Vima believes that workforce and knowledge are the primary sources of wealth and national capital. Vima prioritizes the development of human resources and knowledge in its development plans.


With half a century of experience, our products and services- alone or combined- and by reliance on prefabrication solve the construction industry’s challenges.

Regardless of the size of the project, and with the help of a specialized workforce, knowledge and experience, and financial resources, Vima can offer solutions to a wide range of construction needs. From industrial, residential, and commercial projects to infrastructure projects such as oil and gas, petrochemical, port construction, airports, power plants, and transportation.

Ongoing projects
Finished projects
Number of staff
Manufactured products


Improving the quality of life and work through the use of new technologies in the construction industry


Becoming the most powerful center of design, production, and installation of prefabricated and modular buildings using the latest technologies in Iran.


  • Creating an environment for growth and developing capabilities for colleagues
  • Creating synergy by developing a culture of teamwork and solidarity in the company
  • Young-oriented staffing, training, and developing young teams to lead and manage the company
  • Applying the latest technologies, modern engineering, innovation, and creativity at work
  • Understanding the real needs of customers and providing comprehensive optimal solutions
  • Adhering to safe work, maintaining health, and respecting the environment
  • Commitment to maintaining quality in all company activities
  • Aligning partner goals and business goals
  • Establishing win-win relationships with all stakeholders
  • Following Health and Safety Executive policy


As a manufacturer and executive contractor, Vima is committed to maintaining the workplace’s health, safety, and safety of its employees, customers, and other stakeholders. The company works to protect the environment and prevent and reduce environmental pollution and workplace hazards.

Respecting people and communities around the company’s activities and sites and the optimal use of natural resources are among the company’s fundamental principles.

Therefore, Vima follows the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) per the requirements and the standards, including ISO14001:2004, ISO 45001:2018, and HSE-MS (OGP), and considers itself required to improve its effectiveness continuously.

These requirements, obligatory at all levels of the organizations and for all contractors, include the following:

  • Creating a healthy and safe work environment to protect the human workforce
  • Protecting the environment and minimizing the environmental damage
  • Compliance with legal requirements (local, national and international) and tenements of employers and stakeholders as per HSE
  • Expanding the concept of safety in the design phase and preparing safe methods of work using valid models
  • Adopt HSE preventive measures in the product and project design phase to secure the final product per national and international HSE standards
  • Training and assistance managers and supervisors in technical and executive development in the implementation and execution of HSE principles
  • Training and promotion of HSE culture at all levels and all parties, employees, and contractors
  • Recording, investigating, and analyzing semi and suspected accidents, accidents, hazards, and their causes to eliminate or reduce the likelihood of recurrence

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