Foldable Conex

Vima’s foldable Conex is a set of prefabricated houses with the ability to open and fold, which has various uses in mobilization and pre-mobilization construction projects, industrial, oil, and gas projects, residential camps, offices, and temporary accommodation during natural disasters.

Due to the engineering used in construction as well as quality materials, it has significant differences from other structures known as Conexes.


  • Ease of transportation and significant reduction of transportation costs: Possible to transport ten units of Conex equivalent to 150 square meters per trailer truck
  • Ease of storage due to foldability and the possibility to stack several units, which eliminates the need for large warehouses
  • Connection of all electrical installations
  • High safety in case of fire and earthquake
  • Suitable thermal insulation
  • Can be folded, transported, and reinstalled in multiple projects
  • Training provided on how to set up and assemble


  • Immediate and temporary mobilization of construction projects as offices and temporary residences
  • Temporary and rapid accommodation of victims of natural disasters
  • Mobilizing construction site projects in the city
  • Mobile stores

Technical specifications

  • Structure’s skeleton includes beams, pillars, and floor structures: standard cans and studs profiles with two layers of paint with a thickness of 120 microns
  • Hinged and welded connections, hinges made of three-piece iron with a diameter of 20 mm and pins with a length of 15 cm and a diameter of 1 mm
  • Roof material: 4 cm thick roof sandwich panel with fire-resistant foam class B2
  • Wall material: 4 cm thick  sandwich panel wall with fire-resistant foam with class B2
  • Floor material: Moisture-resistant plywood sheet resistant to moisture and PVC flooring 4 mm thick
  • Electrical installations: Standard surface ducts with lighting
  • Windows: Double glazed UPVC (dimensions: 118.5 x 118.5 cm)
  • Doors: UPVC (Dimensions: 202.92 cm)
  • Total weight: 1800 kg
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Dimensions when opened

  • Length: 600 cm
  • Width: 256 cm
  • External height: 270 cm
  • Useful height: 246 cm
  • Total area based on external dimensions: 36/15

Dimensions when folded

  • Length: 600 cm
  • Width: 256 cm
  • Height: 55 cm

Foldable Conex

Area: 15.36 square meters


Instant installation