Vima’s standard Conex


As light and portable buildings, the complexes have various uses that allow the construction of buildings in different places and times. The conexes produced by Vima are in accordance with the standards and regulations of theRoad, Housing & Urban Development Research Center and have a calculation book.


  • Lasting in harsh environmental conditions

  • Can be installed and used immediately

  • Transportable and portable

  • Includes a calculation booklet


  • Mobilization of construction sites

  • Offices, dormitories and mobile shops

  • Red Crescent base, health base and crisis management headquarters

  • Police stations and classrooms

Technical specifications

  • Structure’s skeleton includs beams, pillars, and floor structure: standard construction profiles with alkyd undercoat with a thickness of 60 to 80 microns plus alkyd topcoat with a thickness of 60 to 80 microns

  • Welded joints

  • Roof material: 4 cm polyurethane roofing sandwich panel with class B2 fire-resistant foam

  • Inside and outside roof covers: Formed steel sheet with a thickness of 0.5 mm

  • Wall material: 4 cm wall sandwich panel with class B2 fire-resistant foam

  • Floor material: standard construction profiles with plywood or OSB coating and PVC flooring

  • Electrical installations: standard surface ducts

  • Windows: Double glazed UPVC (Dimensions: 118.5 x 118.5)

  • Doors: UPVC (Dimensions: 92 x 202 cm)

  • Total weight: 1800 kg


Length: 6 meters

Width: 2.5 meters

Height: 2.75 meters

Area: 15 square meters


Area: 15 square meters

Includes a calculation booklet

Optimal interiors