Yadavaran Camp

Yadavaran Camp

  • Event: Camp Pioneer in 77 days
  • Project Completion Date: 2016
  • Project Location: Ahvaz

Development of Pioneer Camp in Yadarvan Oil Field

Camp construction and provision of accommodation facilities have always been a focus for oil and gas sector managers. Vima company has responded to this need by establishing an administrative-residential camp in the Yadarvan oil field, located in Khuzestan province, to accommodate engineers and staff of Sinopec China.

Tasks Completed

Structural facilities:

  • Earthworks and construction of access roads, asphalt, landscaping, fencing
  • Design, procurement, and installation of sewage collection (septic) network, potable water distribution, green spaces, power distribution cables, area lighting, Telecom, and F&G
  • Construction of concrete sewage collection tanks
  • Design, construction, installation, and commissioning of potable water tanks and distribution network pumps
  • Diesel generator house modification and expansion including installation of new diesel engines, panel, trench, and cable laying
  • Fire alarm system and ICT network construction (Information and Communication Technologies) Main


  • One VIP residential unit, including a workroom and meeting room for senior management of the client
  • Four managerial villa suites
  • 83 furnished residential container units for staff

Ancillary Buildings:

  • Kitchen, restaurant, and existing administrative building development
  • Construction of a covered sports hall with equipment
  • Laundry facility


Achieving the desired quality and standards for the client, simultaneous construction and installation, plus refurbishment and modifications of the old camp, all within a tight 77-day timeframe.

Project Information:

wner: Iranian Engineering and Development Company on behalf of National Iranian Oil Company

Client: Sinopec China (Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration and Production Corporation)

Duration: 77 day