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Modular building with integrated chassis and standard dimensions, which due to the strength of the body and because it is waterproof, in addition to widespread use in the transportation and shipping system, is also used in the construction industry as a prefabricated building.


- High body strength due to its steel material
- Instant operation immediately upon installation
- Earthquake and storm resistance
- Very high persistence when moving and carrying
- Can be moved and used in multiple projects

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Expandable Modular Building

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Cold-formed steel

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Vima’s standard Conex

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کانتینر ساختمان مدولار با شاسی کشی یکپارچه و ابعاد استاندارد است که به دلیل استحکام بدنه و نفوذناپذیری در برابر آب، علاوه بر کابرد گسترده ...