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Vima factory was established in 1974 with the aim of manufacturing construction products. For over two decades, Vima Industrial Group has been actively involved in the Engineering, procurement, and construction of prefabricated buildings, as well as the construction of camps and site equipment for major civil engineering projects

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Vima’s customers



  • Petroleum engineering & development CO

  • China Sinopec

  • لوگو شرکت فنی مهندسی پتروشیمی فارس

    Fars Petrochemical Technical Engineering CO

  • Dar Al-Handasah group

  • لوگو شرکت پترو پارس

    Petropars CO

  • Abad Rahan Pars International group

  • Persia oil

  • شرکت نیر پارس

    Neyr Perse Company

  • South Aluminum Corporation

  • شرکت توسعه مهندسی سروک آذر

    Sarvak Azar engineering & development

  • شرکت سازه


  • شرکت مهندسى و ساختمان صنایع نفت (OIEC)

    OIEC group

  • لوگو فولاد مبارکه اصفهان

    Isfahan’s Mobarakeh Steel CO

  • پترو امید آسیا

    Petro Omid Asia CO

  • لوگو توسعه ساختمانی البرز تات

    Alborz Tat Construction CO



What are the steps involved in purchasing a prefabricated shed from Vima?

Contact Vima: Reach out to Vima by phone, email, or by completing the call request form.
Explore Product options: Vima will provide you with suitable Porto cabin options based on your requirements.
After the agreement has been made and the invoice has been issued, the delivery time will be planned

What are the advantages of prefabricated buildings?

Time and cost savings
Improved quality and reduced errors
Easy transport and installation
Portability and versatility

Does Vima offer rental portacabin services?

Yes, Vima offers rental Porto cabins to its customers in response to the needs of the market, as well as the demands of customers.

Is it possible to purchase directly from the Vima factory?

Yes, customers can place an order for any of the products from the Vima factory by contacting the sales unit or filling out the contact request form on the website.

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About Vima

Founded in 1974, Vima has incessantly endeavored to keep up to date with the latest developments in the global construction industry throughout these years. In line with this objective, our company has based its macro policies on the development of new methods of building construction, prefabrication, industrialization, utilization of new materials, and advanced technologies. Acquiring the grade 1 certificate of qualification for building construction from State Management and Planning Organization of Iran, a silver ranking from National Ranking Center of Iran, certificate of qualification for maintaining construction site safety from Labor and Social Affairs Administration, becoming a member of the Association of Engineering and Construction companies, affiliated to the Association of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering and Contracting Companies and also other professional and specialized institutions bear testimony to our company’s ceaseless efforts to enhance the quality of its services, and continuously promote the use of the latest technologies in the construction industry. Today, Vima has become a pioneer in providing integrated turnkey and EPC solutions for the implementation of fast-track civil engineering projects. Utilization of modern construction methods that are friendly to the environment and in complete accord with the needs of our clients has allowed us to build and deliver projects, that include finishing the construction, landscaping, and infrastructures, in the shortest time possible. Vima, through implementing and executing Civil projects and also implementing large-scale construction projects as the main contractor in various fields, including oil and gas, urbanization, and national projects, has achieved significant capabilities and achievements.
Over the last ten years, Vima has built and delivered more than 50 projects in areas such as the construction of residential and administrative camps, industrial buildings, and site mobilization of large development projects. The high quality of these projects has enhanced the reputation of large-scale contractors among their clients. Successful implementation of site mobilization of large development projects, both inside Iran and in foreign countries, while providing a pleasant living atmosphere for the personnel, has enabled our clients to commence their projects on time, and execute them powerfully, professionally, and efficiently.
Our enduring commitment to our human resources, the quality of our products, financial discipline, utilization of advanced information systems, and keeping up to date with modern technologies constitute our most important strategies. We actively cooperate with domestic and foreign companies to promote and disseminate modern
technologies in our industry. We also strive to adopt and adapt the latest international standards to overcome obstacles and difficulties that impede the use of advanced technologies.
At Vima, we fully realize that our success ultimately depends on understanding and meeting the real needs of our clients, and the development, empowerment, and fair treatment of our human resources. Protection of the environment, innovation, respect for people and striving to improve the quality of their lives, raising the level of national construction standards through the use of cutting-edge technologies shape our company’s main policies and vision for the future. The efforts of the entire personnel and management of Vima Company are aimed at realizing these noble objectives. As a result, during the last decade, Vima has achieved significant success in the design, supply of materials, and construction of buildings and infrastructures for the site mobilization of large development projects; always on budget, often ahead of schedule, while meeting the highest standards of quality.