Shorijeh Project

Shorijeh Project

  • Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for the Shoorijeh project.
  • Project execution date: 2024
  • Location: Khorasan Razavi, Sarakhs

Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) for the construction of the site related to Phase 2 of the processing, injection, and storage facilities for natural gas in the Shoorijeh gas field.

Completed tasks:
Construction of residential and administrative camps for NirooPars Company, including:

Construction of all infrastructure facilities
Installation of pile foundations
Installation of structure walls and ceilings
Complete equipping of the kitchen building
Landscaping, including internal roads, access, and green spaces

Project area:
Total area of lightweight structures: Approximately 4,400 square meters of prefabricated buildings
Area and total number of containers: 4 containers with a total area of 66 square meters
Shade area: 460 square meters
Creation of a sports area with an area of approximately 320 square meters
Landscaping and implementation of green spaces
Procurement and installation of mechanical equipment, including water tanks, fuel tanks, ventilation systems, cooling and heating systems, rainwater collection, etc.
Procurement and installation of control and instrumentation systems, safety systems, fire alarms, and gas leakage systems
Procurement and installation of electrical and telecommunication equipment

Project information:
Customer: Neyr Perse Company
location: Sarakhs, Khorasan Razavi province