The Azar Pardis Residential Camp

The Azar Pardis Residential Camp

  • Residential camp for 350 people
  • Project completion date:2013
  • Project location: Ilam, Mehran

Project Overview:

The Azar Pardis Residential Camp, situated in the Azar Oil Field in Ilam Province, is undergoing significant development to provide modern residential and welfare facilities for managerial and administrative personnel. Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company has been awarded contracts for the design, procurement, and construction of Pardis Azar Camp and the conversion of the residential camp to the administrative camp Pardis 1.

The main part of the budget for this project has been allocated to the production of prefabricated components according to the client’s standards and quality criteria, as well as foreign purchases from reputable companies, indicating the extensive scope of activities and the complexity of the procurement and logistics process. The establishment of heavy infrastructure and substructure operations of the residential camp, and the provision of equipment within a limited time frame, have been among the challenges of this project, demonstrating the effective management capability and planning of the Vima Company.

Substructure Facilities:

Four diesel generators, each with a capacity of 1500 KVA
Concrete and air water tanks
Sewage collection and treatment system
Lightning rod
6000 meters of IPTV network cable installation (for the first time in oil projects in Iran)
12000 meters of fire alarm network cable installation
80000 meters of power cable installation
17000 meters of water, sewage, and irrigation network pipe installation for green spaces Auxiliary Buildings:
Fire station
Multi-purpose sports hall covering an area of 650 square meters
300 square meter swimming pool
Dining hall and kitchen covering an area of 600 square meters

Two 200 square meter TV rooms

Side buildings:

5 kilometers of road construction in a semi-mountainous location for main road access
Asphalt paving for all access roads
Green space

Cycling and pedestrian paths

Project Information:

Owner: Oil Engineering and Development Company on behalf of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)
Client: Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company
Duration: 10 months