Homa Project

Homa Project

  • Homa residential camp
  • Project completion date: 2021
  • Project location: Fars, Alamrodasht

Homa residential camp, with a capacity of 82 people, has been built to accommodate management personnel and the employees of the Iranian Central Oil Fields Company and Arman Company. This camp has been designed and built on a land of 7640 square meters using modern prefabricated building technology, while at the same time, maintaining a warm and modern environment.
The Homa Camp project has well-suited welfare facilities and buildings, including an industrial laundry, prayer room, clinic, conference room, VIP buildings, residential engineering buildings, a warehouse, dining halls, a gymnasium, parking, office buildings, workers’ housing, and a security room. The interior design and furnishing of the buildings have been done using the most current equipment and the latest interior architecture knowledge.
The cohesive and strong teamwork for more than 200,000 hours of activity and the high volume of executive activities in a short period of time, is one of the noteworthy aspects of this project. The duration of this project was contracted as 3.5 months, and Vima was able to complete the design, prepare, and execute the project without any delay.

Project information:

Client: Persia Oil and Gas Industry Development Company and Arman Construction and Productivity Engineers Company

Investor: National Iranian Oil Company

Accommodation capacity: 82 people

Year: 2019