Iran Mall Projects

Iran Mall Projects

  • Landscaping of the Southern wing of the Iran Mall Commercial and Office Complex
  • Project execution date: 2017
  • Location: Tehran, IRAN

Landscaping of the Southern wing of the Iran Mall Commercial and Office Complex

Iran Mall Projects:

  • Completion of the South Courtyard View and Iran Mall Lake (2016)
  • Implementation of Iran Mall Parking (2017)
  • Equipping Iran Mall Workshop (2014)

Completed tasks:

Southern landscape:

1- Design, construction, and installation of 17,000 square meters of galvanized cold-formed steel structures, plus steel deck and ceiling, with a load-bearing capacity of 5 tons per square meter, all done within three months.

2- Design and construction of a 1200-square-meter lake on top of a six-story building.

3- Design and implementation of 10,000 cubic meters of foam concrete with a strength of three mega Pascal and a density of 800 kg per square meter. 4- Design and implementation of the 28,000-square meters of Poliyurea, dual-layer insulation, in a lake, for the first time in Iran.


1-Execution of 32,000 square meters of reinforced concrete floor, using power trowel for finishing. 2-Execution of all mechanical installations, including the piping, surface water collection, fire-fighting equipment, sanitary bathroom fittings, and ventilation ducts.

3-Execution of all electrical installations, including the lighting, implementation of fire warnings, the distribution network, conduit pipes, tray laying, low and medium voltage/current cabling of the entire area, installation, and startup of the lighting equipment of the smart fire warning management systems. 4-Execution of framework and finishing of various spaces of lobbies and car parks.

5-Execution of epoxy flooring and painting of the entire car park.

Contract management mobilization buildings:

Vima designed, supplied, and built 3,000 square meters of mobilization buildings in merely 45 days. Quality, beauty, and practicality are some of the outstanding features of this project.