Iraq Project

Iraq Project

  • EPC projects in Baghdad
  • Project completion date: 2013
  • Project location: Iraq, Baghdad

One of the most important concerns of foreign contractors operating in Iraq is the country’s special geopolitical situation and its security. Projects invariably start to take shape with site mobilization. Hence, if this vital task is carried out with the desired quality and speed, the resulting trust of the client paves the way for the organized and well-planned implementation of the project.

Our company has carried out four administrative and residential building projects in Iraq, all delivered within a short period, and designed, supplied, and built following the latest international quality standards.

Tasks Completed:

Construction of administrative and dormitory buildings in Al-Kifl and Naseriyah area: 4,230 square meters
Construction of administrative, restaurant, and clinic buildings in Al-Amariyah 1 area: 6,000 square meters
Construction of clinic, laboratory, and HSE buildings in Al-Amariyah 2 area: 2,200 square meters
Construction of administrative, dormitory, and restaurant buildings at Baghdad Airport: 4,800 square meters


The high-risk security conditions during a certain period posed challenges to project completion. To overcome this issue, VIMA staff maintained their presence in the area until the project’s completion.

Project Information:

Construction of administrative and dormitory camp
Customer: Kayson Engineering Company, Iraq Branch
Duration: 2 years